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Etre Cecile makes The Times...

Etre Cecile makes The Times

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We spied Etre Cecile & Yasmin in todays Times!

Catch Rachael Dove chatting about the fashion world's fave labels featuring the SUCKAS sweat and PETITE AMIE tee, as well as Laura Bailey rocking it, like always!

Read the full article here:

'The five (affordable) labels the fashion world keeps secret'

"Founded by fashion consultants Yasmin Sewell and Jemma Dyas, this light-hearted casual wear brand was born out of a joint love of French style and has gained a following in Laura Bailey, Jessica Alba and the wellness chefs Jasmine and Melissa Hemesley. Specifically, it is the dress of one woman that the brand aims to recapture: Cecile, an Irish born artist who lived in Paris in the 1960s and had a flair for bright colours and prints. Suitably, this season's offerings of cotton T-shirts and thick jumpers feature Mondrian stripes, hand illustrated prints and retro graphic logos, as well as embossed jumpers and black track pants."